Best Body Type For High Waisted Jeans

Published: 12th January 2011
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The most recent denim fad encompasses high waisted jeans. They're rapidly replacing the low-cut jeans and as a result of their fit and complementary silhouette. This new type of jean is different from the recently well liked lower cut styles, that normally only cover the bottom half of your hips. The high waisted jeans rise fully above your hips. The aim of this simple design is to hug your body and showcase your unique body style. These high waisted jeans are available in both a skinny leg along with a wide leg variation.

A lot of women claim that these high waisted jeans are comfortable and in addition they make their legs look long and captivating. Low-cut denim jeans generally shorten legs and extend the torso. One particular benefit of the high waisted jean is it eliminates the view of an individual's butt crack which is a huge problem with low rise jeans.

Who wears high waisted jeans? Body shape experts highly recommend the high women with hourglass, athletic, or boyish body types. This style and design can be good for those with a larger stomach, because the jeans help to tone and flatten out that area.

However, if you have a bigger bottom, these jeans arenít ideal for you, given that they tend to lay emphasis on that area. Fashion stylist would suggest that individuals with broad hips or thighs stay clear of this style because the tight waist will be uncomfortable. In the end the main objective is to show off your waistline.

When you have decided if you have the right body type that will really benefit from this style, decide on and try on different styles and sizes of jeans. You might have to try many sizes before you will find a great fit since styles and measurements differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Usually high heels or platforms are often the most complementary shoe to wear with high waisted jeans. Just about any style, other than flats, will assist to maintain the long, lean, leggy look and feel that you're after. As far as tops go, experts recommend searching for one that works well with the higher waistline and that will fit your lifestyle. To emphasize the higher waistline, wear a blouse tucked in the waistband. A blouse that ties in the front and contains wide sleeves or long flowing sleeves also looks good. A blazer or double-breasted jacket will improve the long silhouette.

You can wear high waisted jeans any place that you feel comfortable wearing any pair of jeans. One new fan recommends that you should only wear them to parties where you stand up a lot, given that the waistband can easily dig into your ribcage when you sit down.

The skinny leg versions of high waisted jeans are recommended especially if you'd like to show off your body. Wear them as a fashion statement. The wide leg high waisted jean is the much more comfortable option. Because of this, the wide legs are recommended when you are going to be participating in physical activity.

Shopping for tummy tuck jeans can be frustrating. When you shop you may want to consider high waist skinny jeans because you will look great and you will never want to buy another pair of jeans again.

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